Ajoutée le 15 oct. 2014

Official video for Taku Mazire – House of Hunger.

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Yo..! As we enter the house hunger, witness the wicked, children bombed in their states of slumber Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations as they screaming help momma! But who dares to open the door, its genocide outside like hotel Rwanda!

Verse: 1

Ayo.. Power to the people, cant ever let these reptilians devour my freedom this system, got us slaving non stop while they sit still, minimum wages, mass arrests. Society trapped in economic cages, we work too much, peep out weary faces, in many places its mostly men with more melanin, but less benefiting…
See only thieves reaps what they never sow, like claiming civilization that they never brought, in control of your pockets coz they let you wear clothes that you cant afford – Constantly told lies through entertaining methods, because you choose to watch TV when
you get bored. Fam when it comes to freedom I’m a freedom fighter, for humanity with spears or snipers. Love is fundamental in this battle of, unprotected peoples, protracted class struggle.
I’m a useless slave, I refused to accept what Lucifer gave. Walked away from the pain of the whips my heart is brave, These are the scribbling’s for my global siblings, as I un-mute my tongue of the voice of the voiceless *

Verse: 2

Listen to the songs of refugee, spitting these bars just to have you
See, how hard this life we live, with your legs constantly getting chopped like a timber tree, on my knees praying but only deliverance received, are these graves I dig. Home affairs officials at my front door, telling me its time to go, should I submit? or jump outta the window.
War torn zone lingering in my thoughts, survival is suicide, aint no jobs out there, aint no I swear, living in the wilderness, maybe
its a burden to be Zimbabwean. Disappointed by socialists turned corrupted capitalists.
I’m like M23 on M16s my folded fist feasting the beast, suddenly china man getting African citizenship, our future seeds inevitably, boarding good Jesus second slavery ship.
Fuck patriotism to puppet pornocracy government who practice terrorism on its people. Take back your land its called reversed racism,
Fam! Imperialist are the only thieves who demand compensation, to hell with sanctions I just