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Dragon street art by Peaceful Progress

Literally just hours before the biggest battle on the Millennium Stadium pitch between Wales and England as the Six Nations kicked off – there was another battle going on just yards away from the best stadium in the UK and possibly the world!

Empty Walls 2014: Best, Peaceful Progress
Local artist Peaceful Progress had returned to the spot where he had painted the amazing owl as part of the Empty Walls festival back in October 2014.

Empty Walls 2014:Best, Peaceful Progress, Sinstars

Unfortunately the original work didn’t last long as Cardiff Council had granted permission to The Dogs’ Trust to use the same wall for essentially an advert! Read more about that kerfuffle on the link below:-


Damage to the Empty Walls Street Jam
Apologies were given and received all around just in time for Christmas (Good will to all men and all that!) but over the Christmas period the advert did attract a small addition.

So this forgotten corner of Cardiff city centre had been given a…

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