Ajoutée le 13 juil. 2015

FREEDOM feat. C-Rayz Walz, Oxilla Born Allah & Merc Versus Prod. by Bitter Wilson w/ Cutz by DJ MadHandz
From The Album « ALMIGHTY: The 12 Jewels » (A Guide for All Families of The Planet in this day and Time)
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Peace To Allah U Justice.
Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.
The Sun Symbolizes 8 points in the Sphere. You Must Build & Destroy to be Born.

We teach that Islam is a culture and not a religion?
Within THE 12 JEWELS
FREEDOM is The Divine Degree – Divinity is the essence of self. We are Godly by nature, which can neither be added to nor taken away from; can’t say “Allah” without saying “All.” One’s nature is pure and untampered-with.

The Degree is CULTURE OR FREEDOM and that is one’s way of living, meaning one’s language (wisdom) and customs (ways and actions). The Original Man’s culture is Islam: Freedom, Justice, and Equality, which is Peace.
Freedom to practice one’s own culture,which is Islam. without conflict. This way you possess a FREE-DOME. Free To Do Me as I say. No Longer a Mental Slave or Tool.

This Scroll Was Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered In 5 Days by C-Rayz Walz, Oxilla Born & @SoundSmithMpls at « SoundSmiths Lab »
Manifested Thru True & Living Word Sound Power.
120 Is The Light. HipHop Is The Culture. Death To The Vulture