Sipros,Rosk and Lost Italy

One of amazing 3D italian graffiti writers : Made 514

THRE packing up after tagging a wall in Brighton, England.

by Odeith

SmugOne/DENO/Mov – Belfast

Spray wars 2 Rue Henri Noguères-Paris 19ème

Spray wars Rue Henri Noguères-Paris 19ème

Shiro Japanese Graffiti Mural. 5 Points, NYC

by Mr Dheo

by Staf & Spike

Divie & Boogie Italy

Boi & X

Sifat,Kouka & Raphe Paris



Wild Skandal Crew Poland

St. Patrick’s Day graffiti from Canadian writers Tower and Arson

by Foskia Italy

Cope bronx graffiti

Urban art by Sofles

by DOES – LLcrew