Ajoutée le 28 juil. 2016

EWOK and MR WANY left the cold of the northern hemisphere to visit the East Coast of Australia in the steaming Summer month of January earlier this year. The two got straight into the heavy-duty stuff – bouncing from wall to wall making jaws drop and eyeballs pop from the northside of Brisbane to 567 King in Newtown, Sydney. Peep cameos from other Ironlak Fam and friends in the mix.

Big thanks to energy drinks, sandwiches, the BRT for powering the trip, and the good crew at 567 King in Newtown for fending off the rain and hosting another great event!

Shot/cut: Gabby Dadgostar. Extra footage: Bigriddimting

Music: Jayteehazard – ‘We do’ & ‘Red Shift’