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This is our first album together in nearly 20 years. We’ve come a long way from Tascam analog 4-tracks, and hustling cassettes at house parties. If you are not familiar with us, prepare to become well acquainted. We hope you enjoy this humble offering as much as we enjoyed making it. We are already in the early stages of our next project. Give thanks.

Son of Saturn:
Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently for over a year now for this record to drop. Several hurricanes among other things, have made it difficult to do much other than survive these past few months. But all is well, blessed and as it should be. I can’t express the overwhelming joy I feel now that we are able to share this with you. Thank you to all the loyal, supportive, and loving people in my circle. You know who you are. And a massive lion paw to all my USVI soldiers holding it down, and standing firm. Irie even in tragedy. One love.

Thank you for all the support during these trying times. Those who listen give me the spark to create. I thank you. Everyone of you are a blessing in my life. With an open heart I embrace you as you have embraced me. I thank you and love you all.


paru le 17 décembre 2017

All album tracks (1-8) Produced by Panik of The Molemen.
(Bonus Tracks)
Buddha Fist – Produced By The Black Hood
Inhale In Hell – Produced By. Invada Zee
Vermin Tides – Produced By Soul Shinobi

All rights reserved. Black Lotus Sangha / ESF 2017
Bless up…
Guerrilla Republic
Universal Zulu Nation
Akashik Ancestorz
The Molemen
Verbal Godz
Hip Hop Addicts
Masta Buildas
Plague Monks
Sadhu Militia



Ajoutée le 17 déc. 2017

20 mots imposés par les internautes,une grosse prod,un bic et une feuille,le tout mis en image très proprement!


Ajoutée le 16 déc. 2017

Pour écouter / télécharger tous mes titres : https://lario.bandcamp.com/
Lario Nowhere – Partez sans moi
Prod, mix & master : Tosmah (Le Traitement)

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